Aastha IVF Centre

Becoming parents is a wonderful experience however there are numerous couples out there who in spite of many endeavour remains unsuccessful in having this wonderful experience in their life in natural ways. In medical science this situation is termed as infertility.

In layman’s language infertility means not being able to conceive. An expanding number of ladies are encountering fruitlessness issues because of different reasons. This condition could be both because of male element and female component and in some cases both together. Be that as it may, this does not imply that pregnancy is not possible at all. Medical science has developed to such a label in these days that it can almost create magic; it’s just that many of us are not aware of it. As per research almost ninety percent cases are effectively treatable with current restorative systems that go from medicine, surgery to progressed conceptive advances.

Aastha IVF Centre was established with the aim to provide the happiness and smile on the face of each and every childless couple who seeks our help.

Aastha IVF Centre is a only place where you will find the Personal attention & Consultation, Personalized Care, ethical values, emotional advice, Hygienic Environment, Experienced staff of doctors, Embryologists & Counselors . Its state of the art infrastructure which includes well equipped lab, microscopes and other equipments also plays a vital role in its success.

At Aastha we support each patient physically, mentally and even financially because we understand that many couples have already undergone treatments at various centers without success.

Aastha Ivf Centre has the best success rate in IVF, IUI, ICSI & Surrogacy programs because of its highly qualified and experienced team of doctors and embryologists, well equipped lab, quality of procedures, good network with donor banks, agencies and hospitals & best fertile surrogates for couples.

About DR. Geeta Jain

Dr. Geeta Jain is a graduate (MBBS) from Miraj Medical College, Mirja, Maharashtra in the year 1995. She has done her MD in Obstetrics & Gynaecologist in 2001.
Dr. Geeta Jain is registered as a Certified Medical Practitioner with Delhi Medical Council, India.
While practicing currently in New Mahavir Nagar, West Delhi, Dr. Geeta Jain has a well-established network of co-doctors and hospitals to provide high class professional healthcare services to her patients.
She is an active member of Association of Gynaecologists of Delhi (AOGD/FOGSI), Indian Medical Association (IMA), and has attended workshops in Laparoscopy & Infertility on a regular basis to keep abreast with the latest advances in these fields.
Dr. Geeta Jain specializes in Laparoscopic Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy (LAVH) and Non Descent Vaginal Hysterectomy (Stitchless operation for Uterus removal).
In today’s world of high-tech communication, Dr. Geeta Jain is truly enjoying the opportunity to provide good-health to women of all ages, those who visit her at her Clinic and also to those who seek advice from remote locations through internet, telephone or email.


  • Before 4 year my baby expired in 8 month pregnancy we were tying now till that time but my wife did'nt conceive my age is 43 wife age is 32 and had tried many ivf centres but didn’t get success. After that I had lost hope but one of my friend suggested to meet Dr. Geeta Jain once and after initial hesitation I went to Aastha Ivf Centre for the treatment and Dr. Geeta Jain and their staff treated us very gently and gave us right direction. Now God blessed me with a baby boy and fill our life with joy and happiness. I would like to thank Astha Ivf Centre and Team for a miracle.

  • Thanks to Aastha IVF Centre and Dr. Geeta Jain that my wife has concieved a baby even after a repeated IVF cycle failures from different IVF Centres. We have lost the hope after multiple IVF failures at different Ivf Clinics. And, then somebody have recommended us to Dr.Geeta Jain. Now our world is full of joy and happiness. Little wonder has actually made our life meaningful. Excellent work done by Astha Ivf Centre and Team

  • My name is Ravi and I got married in 2010, after trying for a long time we were hopeless and harassed. We did the best that we could and consult the best gynaecologists in our home town "Saharanpur" but could not succeed. One day one of our friend told me about Dr. Geeta Jain Clinic Aastha Ivf Centre and after all the investigations we consult her. After the endless effort of Dr.Geeta and her team finally we got the good news and blessed with a baby girl. We cannot even thanks them in words for their help and moral support in our tough time. May God bless them.