Egg Donation

Egg donation is the process by which a woman donates eggs for purposes of assisted or biomedical research. For assisted reproduction purposes, egg donation typically involves in vitro fertilization technology, with the eggs being fertilized in the laboratory; more rarely, unfertilized eggs may be frozen and stored for later use. Egg donation is a third party reproduction as part of assisted reproductive technology (ART).

Prior to this, thousands of infertile couples had adoption as the only path to parenthood. Advances in IVF and egg donation set the stage to allow open and candid discussion of oocyte and embryo donation as a common practice.This breakthrough has given way to the donation of human oocytes and embryos as a common practice similar to other donations such as blood and major organ donations.

Egg Donation and surrogacy has changed the outlook for those who were unable to have children due to female infertility and for women who are at high risk for passing on genetic disorders. As IVF developed, the procedures used in egg donation paralleled that development: the egg donor's eggs are now harvested from her ovaries in an outpatient surgical procedure and fertilized in the laboratory, the same procedure used on IVF patients, but the resulting embryo or embryos is then transferred into the intended mother instead of into the woman who provided the egg. Donor oocytes thus give women a mechanism to become pregnant and give birth to a child that will be their biological child (assuming that the recipient woman carries the baby), but not their genetic child. In cases where the recipient's womb is absent or unable to carry a pregnancy, or in cases involving gay male couples, a gestational surrogate is used and the embryos are implanted into her per an agreement with the recipients.

Need Of Egg Donation Program :
A need for egg donation may arise for a number of reasons.
• A Patient may require eggs from another lady when women's reproductive organs have been damaged or surgically removed due to disease or other circumstances
• Poor Egg Quality due to repeated IVF failures
• Due to early onset of menopause
• Women born without ovaries
• Undiagnosed infertility

Egg Donation Programs at Aastha IVF Centre:
At Aastha IVF Centre Egg Donation Programs are very successful due to the quality of donors we choose. We have a largest choice of donors due to our collaborations with ART Banks (Artificial Reproductive Technology banks) and other network hospitals.

We always examine & Interviewed donor lady to check his fertility, any genetic illness or any other issues in production of quality eggs.


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